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cyber space
We are ready to protect you

We protect your business from any cyber-attack through our high skilled team equipped with strong technology.


Cyber space is a cyber defense company
Established in 2019 in Dammam East of Saudi Arabia.

We believe that part of continuity of our client in business is to secure the business applications that support the main operation for the client and that happen only with professional cyber security arm.
Our aim is to provide and facilitate the most cyber-safe environments for organizations, businesses, and communities in KSA, becoming the leading cybersecurity partner.


Secure your data, secure your business.

The cyber security today driven by compliance to make sure the lowest risk and maturity of the cyber defense level on the company, on Cyber Space we provide our services base on the highest and needed compliance such as: (NIST, PCI, ISO, NCA, SAMA, CITC, NDMO, CMA, CCC)

Managed Security
Service Provider (MSSP)

Governance, Risk, and
Compliance (GRC).



Our Customers


The decision we make every day are defined by our values.

As a Saudi company, our vision is to transform and grow constantly as a major Cyber Security service provider in order for us to become a leading company in the market, providing high quality solutions in the competitive global marketplace.

With our ongoing efforts to become a major player in the Saudi scene, we aim to make the world a better place by offering top-notch technological solutions and ideas, and by Protect the world of IT.

Our Partners

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